A Call to Arms

August 27 – September 3, 2012. If you already know why these dates matter, I want to talk to you. I speak as one heart to another.

If you are going to Burning Man, I implore you – please consider operating as a covert agent for Dreaded White People. Burning Man attracts scads of DWP, and it seems that everyone who goes loves to take five million billion pictures, so your actions need not even be disguised. It is the perfect built-in ruse, almost as though Providence wills it. This annual pilgrimage to the desert is a fecund, but transient, opportunity for us, the warriors fighting the good fight, and we need all hands available and willing to document all we can for the cause.

Your service would be greatly appreciated and credit will be given where it is due (and desired). Submit to JudgeDread@DreadedWhitePeople.com.
This year’s theme is Fertility 2.0. Apparently the first one wasn’t fertile enough.

2 thoughts on “A Call to Arms

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