Seattle Hempfest Teaser

In any war, warriors will suffer for the cause. They will make personal sacrifices. Some great, some small. Der Kommissar Mariela and I made one such small sacrifice by venturing to Hempfest on Saturday. It was a goldmine. We have dozens of images to go through, but in the meantime, enjoy this video. I wish it were bigger so you could feel like you were there with me. You might want to turn your volume down, it may be quite loud. Apologies for the sound quality. I was there for the hair.

All Hail the Tennessean

I can only assume that due to The Tennessean‘s prominence as a news source it likes to appear neutral. But we know better, and we thank them for it. They opted to do an entire expose on dreadlocks – mostly white (22/23 by my count, possibly 21/23) – at Bonnaroo. Mad props to them. Bask in it here.

And, just so you have something to look at in this post, here you go.

“If I’m honest with myself, this is not exactly what I had in mind when I decided to get dreadlocks.”

Be a champ and send me your original content DWPs!

Didgeridoos & Dreaded White People: An Unholy Union

As so many white people with dreadlocks like to believe they are on a continuously progressing path to self-actualization and enlightenment, it makes sense that they place a lot of importance on the presence of ancient primitive shit in their lives, reverting back to their roots and natural states, or whatever other nonsense (doubtlessly peppered with the insufferable non-word ‘grok’) spills ceaselessly from their lips. Nevertheless, in my research, I was surprised by a trend. If a white person is playing a didgeridoo, there’s a very good chance they have dreads. I don’t understand the particular draw of a particular instrument to people with exceptionally shitty judgment when it comes to their hair, but the connection is undeniable, as you will see below.

 Nothing says authenticity like the doofy wide-wale corduroy Tam o’Shanter from your grunge phase in the ’90s.

“I feel so connected to my adopted aboriginal brothers when I play the instrument of our people. Oh shit, where’s my sunscreen?”

Is a PVC didgeridoo pretty much the ultimate slap in the face of the didgeridoo?

Douchey double dreadlock didgeridoo bonus multiplier.

Tie-dye, dreadlocks, didgeridoo, bandanna, slightly befuddled expression…this guy has it all.

This dude has apparently made his living being a dreadlocked didgeridoo player. Sellout!

“I think ‘Long December’ would sound beautiful on the didge!”


This is just a smattering of my didgeridoo file. And here is this fantastic picture from Burning Man, which is a lovely opportunity for me to mention that if you’re going to Burning Man, I want your eyes! Now, admittedly, the fellow below isn’t playing the didgeridoo, but you can clearly see he is being seduced by its siren call, and has put on his sexiest garb to answer it. Hello, sailor!

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