The Sixth Circle of Hell

This post doesn’t have any theme besides pictures that just make me say, ‘WTF, guys?’

This is like a terrible dream. What if their dreads all got locked together and they couldn’t untangle them, like moose antlers, and they all died because they wanted to have a hair orgy? Was their mirth fleeting? I bet they had a cuddle party after this.

Seriously? The goatee and flavor saver, too? Come on, bro.

“I feel a little silly doing this. I hope this doesn’t make my dreads look stupid.”

I feel like maybe this is actually Rip Van Winkle, and he’s only just woken up and his hair was just like that. It’s what I hope, anyway. That looks like it would be heavy enough to hurt. ¬†Or at least make your neck tired.